The scenic beauty of these small destination become even more brighter because of the apple orchard which can be found every where in this lush green beautiful valley, near to famous tourist place Narkanda in Shimla.

Tani Jubber Lake: The small beautiful lake with fresh water in the midst of deodar forest. Tani Jubber is about 11 KM from Narkanda on Narkanda Thanedar road, Thanedhar is about 5 kM from the lake, There is a temple of local deity (Naag Devta Temple) near the lake. A small park is also maintained in the forest for walk through the forest. Now some guest houses are also found near the lake, this place is very good for picnic and day out trip.

Thanedar: Thanedhar is a small town on old Hindustan-Tibet Highway about 15 KM from Narkanda and 80 KM from Shimla, at an average height of 2300 meter. Thanedhar is famous of Apple cultivation, uphold a magnificent panorama of mountains and valleys, The view of Satluj river which flows 6000 ft down clearly visible on sunny day, whole area is covered with thick forest and apple orchards. Hotels, guest houses and rest houses are available here for stay

Kotgarh: Kotgarh is part of famous apple belt of Shimla district is about 16 KM from Narkanda on the same road toward Thanedhar, kotgarh road bifurcate before 2 KM(appx) from Thanedhar, scenic beauty of apple garden and local culture attract tourist to kotgarh. In Kotgarh is the famous Stokes Farm. The man who started it all was an American called Samuel Evans Stokes. He made his home at the top Barobag Hill and called it Harmony Hall. Kotgarh is called land of apples and apricots.Hotels, guest houses and rest houses are available here at Kotgarh for stay.

My journey

I visited Narkanda, which is about 65 KM from Shimla many time before visiting these beautiful places. You can also check my post about Narkanda here Narkanda and Hatu peak. So I am summarizing my journey onward Narkanda, as all of these places lies on all most same road, so I visited them first come first serve basis, it took me about 25 min to reach Tani Jubber lake which is about 11 Km from Narkanda and 500 meter from main road toward Thanedhar, after spending some time at the and, the next stop was Kotgarh, where I spent more time and a lunch as well, I walk though apple orchards and a nature walk in the wild.

My final stop was Thanedhar which is about 7 KM from Kotgarh, as I have to came back to the main road (old Hindustan-Tibet highway) to reach Thanedhar, It is also famous for apple orchard and offer very good view of Himalayas and Satluj river from various spots, after spending some time here and there at Thanedhar I concluded my journey and get back to Narkanda, even though there are good accommodation at Kotgarh and Thanedhar but I had stared early in the morning and I finish reaching out at all these places in time so its better to get back to Narkanda.

The other option was to stay either at Thanedhar or Kotgarh and visit Sarahan which is about 85 KM from Thanedhar, another very great place to visit, hoping to visit Sarahan and Rampur-Bushahr valley on next visit.

I concluded my journey with good memories in the form of pictures, check out galley section to see some of the pics of the trip.

Best time to Visit : These places are accessible throughout the year, but summer is the best time to visit.
Where to stay : Good amount of hotels are available at Kotgarh, Narkanda and Thanedhar.

Thanks for reading, keep visiting for my blog for new journey with me.

Here are some of the pics from the trip
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